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Your advisor profile is your digital business card for advisory work. Receive advisory board invitations, meeting requests, and messages from companies and fellow advisors.

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AdvisoryCloud’s directory is used by companies all over the world to build advisory boards and connect with advisors that can help them solve problems, grow, and take on strategic opportunities.

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It’s easy to promote your profile and get more exposure with a dedicated URL and our LinkedIn integration. You can add your profile link to your social properties and professional materials.

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The first advisory board meeting I attended was fantastic. The business owner was very engaged and so was the rest of the board. The format was effective and the fact that it was moderated made for a very efficient use of everyone’s time.

AdvisoryCloud member Tom Shircliff.

Tom Shircliff

Advisory Board Member

I really enjoyed my first board meeting. I got a chance to hear directly from company management about what they want and what they need. And this is a really, really great opportunity for me to help them and share my deep experience with an exciting company.”

AdvisoryCloud member Zoltan Pasztory.

Zoltan Pasztory

Advisory Board Member

One of the reasons why we joined AdvisoryCloud was to get people with different experiences from all different walks of life who can provide us with different ideas on how to solve the problems we’re facing. AdvisoryCloud was the only solution that gave us access to high quality, talented folks from around the globe who reflected the communities we serve.

AdvisoryCloud client Linton Johnson, Founder & CEO of Ovis News.

Linton Johnson

Founder & CEO at Ovis News

Why join AdvisoryCloud?

Join boards, grow professionally, network with a purpose

A group of advisors meeting digitally on the AdvisoryCloud Platform.
Get exclusive access to 100+ advisory boards
Advise companies that align with your values
Add board experience to your resume
Increase your earnings potential

Features & Benefits

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Add a board to your resume

Joining an advisory board on AdvisoryCloud allows you to add board work to your resume

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Advance your career

Take the next step in your career by joining advisory boards and expanding your set of opportunities

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Increased earnings potential

Harvard Business Review reports a 13% average increase in salary for executives serving on an advisory board

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Expand your network

Expand your professional circle overnight by joining an advisory board and engaging with peers on AdvisoryCloud

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Share your experience

Help founders and CEOs through your experience witness the special rewards of giving back

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Set an hourly rate

Set a billable rate and make yourself available to your advisory board for project based and 1:1 advisory work

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Install tracking code

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