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About the Company:

Founded in 2020, RipeMetrics is a Marketing Technology company that offers a suite of AI, business intelligence & marketing communication tools in a Customer Service & Customer Experience Management platform that helps retailers optimize performance and improve retention throughout the customer journey with richer engagement that also gathers valuable feedback & reviews.

Our platform personalizes customer service & marketing with automated messaging that is backed by behavioral science and leading data, and then uses AI to offer smarter marketing tools that help increase sales by improving retention- Customer retention is the key to the game. We've developed a powerful communication theater that integrates the full customer relationship (email, text, phone, feedback, purchases, social media, etc.) into one easy-to-use tool.

In this process, our technology gathers feedback (from both customers and employees), integrates it all into our retailer-optimized CRM, and then provides valuable business intelligence data to help our customers improve their operations and manage their teams (for true employee engagement).Through the company’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) platform, RipeMetrics enables retailers in the cannabis space and beyond to capture invaluable consumer data and essential feedback that supports more informed business decision-making, increased loyalty, referrals, and improved overall marketing efficiency and effectiveness.The RipeMetrics CXM platform also empowers business owners to identify, understand, and address customer issues in real-time and then respond directly through the message portal.

The platform offers clarity and insight with tracked feedback scoring for individual employees as well as the ability to compare scores across multiple locations. Together, this suite of tools gives retailers and multi-state operators (MSOs) greater transparency into the essential base elements of their business and management.We are looking for advisors who can help us with raising capital, sales, marketing, data analytics, software development, customer experience, customer service, and scaling our company.

About the CEO

Chris Boudreau


2021 - Present

Senior executive in banking by his early 30’s, Chris went on to build his own multi-regional and multi-state businesses in retail, delivery (first multi-state delivery in cannabis), and wholesale distribution (first multi-state distributor & whole-line distributor in cannabis). Raised capital for four of his own businesses, with four successful exits. Developed two businesses that achieved high 7-figure revenues, and two businesses that achieved 8-figure revenues (one I took public). He has consulted for a range of clients including a multi-national public company.

AdvisoryCloud made it possible for me to advise others just starting out, while supporting my goal of a flexible lifestyle that allows time for my other interests and activities.

Ed Addison

CEO, Cloud Pharmaceuticals - Placed with Smart Serve

AdvisoryCloud has exceeded my expectations! They are professional, passionate and deliver their promise. I now proudly serve on the board of SmartServe... with an amazing and diverse group of leaders.

Leslie Sarkesian

Advisor - Placed with SmartServe

I have been successfully matched by AdvisoryCloud with two companies that would never have been on my radar. AdvisoryCloud is a great place to showcase my unique skills among hundreds of organizations who need what I share.

Michael Harris


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