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About the Company:

Qvantum Insights was founded in 2020 to provide an enterprise-grade analytical software platform that empowers CEOs and CFOs to analyze performance like never before with our patent-pending analytical framework.

This simple, yet deeply analytical interface, empowers Senior Leadership to analyze their organization's performance without having to rely on analysts, while providing analytical power that can turn every team member into a data scientist. What makes Qvantum novel is its out-of-the-box, best-in-class solution, that delivers a high ROI.

It enables a holistic view of performance across multiple business units and functions for collaborative insights; it's the only interface that blends data visualization, data analysis, and data science into one seamless analytical experience; and it integrates easily with existing data assets.We are looking for advisors who can help us with refining our product, securing funding, and developing our go-to-market strategy.

About the CEO

Chaitanya Indukuri

Founder & CEO

2022 - Present

Chaitanya has expertise in Visualization and Analytics with over 20 years of experience. His career began with 9 years as a data engineer, followed by equity research, and an MBA in Finance. He then provided Risk & Finance advisory for major financial institutions, working very closely with CFO and CEO teams. After that, he became a Product Manager at a leading bank, building software solutions for visualization and analytics challenges. During this time, Chaitanya developed expertise in all of the data visualization and analytics products. This deep knowledge revealed a significant gap between what was being offered by the market and what organizations truly need. Mr. Indukuri was inspired to create the best-in-class global analytical platform that all organizations will be using in near future: Qvantum Insights.

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