About the Company:

A Parentfile is an online account to save what matters most as a parent. Think of it as your “family time capsule” of what you want your children to have access to someday about what makes your family special.It’s incredibly useful during every life stage of being a parent…when you have young kids, when your children are grown, and can even help as your own parents get older.

From saving important stuff, to fun stuff, to your best family memories, and even medical details that are so easily forgotten over the years, your Parentfile can quickly become one of the most “valuable assets” for your family, and certainly one of the most meaningful.We live in a digital world, it’s about time there was something built by and specifically for parents. We think you’ll find so many fun things to save in your Parentfile, and so many fun ways to share these things with your family as you (and they) get older.

Founded in 2019, Parentfile provides users with one place to save everything important as a parent, for today and for the future. Advisory board members receive a complimentary Parentfile to help provide feedback and insights at

Regardless of life stage, there are three helpful ways to use a Parentfile:

1) For Children - The ability to save all the things from the childhood years that they will want (and even need) someday.

2) For Legacy - The ability to save personal information that children will need someday, as well as set up milestone surprises that are fun to share as the years go by.

3) For Elderly Parents - Proactive ways to be helpful, and the ability to save things as parents get older. Parentfile received Series A funding from Aspatore Ventures and is based in Sonoma County, California, with employees and subscribers all around the world. It was awarded a trademark for the first-ever platform for parents (Registered Trademark No. 6,152,032). We are looking for advisors who are interested in our mission and can provide strategic guidance on everything from product enhancements, to marketing, to growth strategies.

Our Mission: Being a parent is so hard, but it’s the most important “job” we’ll ever have. The childhood years, teenagers, the grown-up years and beyond. Then once you think you’re in the clear, it’s time to help and “parent your own parents.” This is why we started Parentfile… To make every stage a little easier, more organized, sidestep a few headaches, and capture the priceless moments and treasures along the way. And to have one spot to save everything that truly matters before things get lost or forgotten in our hectic lives. Start your Parentfile today, you’ll look back someday and be so glad you did…and so will the rest of your family.

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