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About the Company:

Ovis is a blockchain-powered, decentralized media network, focused on restoring the public’s faith in journalism by incentivizing factual, unbiased news, through a crypto-currency token system.

Our singular focus: Incentivizing Truth. We want to form a new trust paradigm­ by merging technology and journalism to increase the transparency, verifiability, accountability, accuracy, and immutability of our stories. Media bias and fake news have eroded the public’s faith in one of the most important institutions of a well-functioning democracy: Journalism.


Our mission is to restore this trust. Our core values of transparency, diversity, democracy, and accountability are the driving force behind Ovis’s push to redesign the journalistic paradigm. Ovis acts as the intersection of blockchain and journalism. Through the use of the cryptocurrency “Truth Token” (TRUTH), Ovis’ community members are incentivized to produce and validate accurate, bias-free news content. TRUTH tokens hold Ovis’ community members accountable to themselves and each other, harnessing the power of democracy and a free market to decentralize the process by which individuals make decisions.

Every Aspect of Ovis’ platform is “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” The people decide what they want to see and whether they trust it. Ovis uses immutable, decentralized blockchain technologies to verify and curate the identity of users and content providers, democratizing them across the platform.

About the CEO

Linton Johnson

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

2021 - Present

Linton is an award-winning journalist, a communications executive, and an entrepreneur with a passion for computer technology and people.As an alum with a B.A. in journalism from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, the nation’s top journalism school, he was recently honored for creating and launching the Northwestern News Network (NNN), the school’s flagship, student-run television station, which has won multiple Emmys and other awards.

Johnson has spent over 17 years at the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District (BART, where his primary responsibilities include developing and implementing large-scale communications strategies for major district programs. Prior to this role, Johnson served as the Chief of Communications, and he is BART's first African-American and first openly gay spokesperson in the agency's history. Among a long history of starting up successful media organizations, he created and launched BARTtv - the transit industry’s first-ever multimedia online television station. Under his leadership, BARTtv has been nominated for multiple Emmys and other prestigious awards. Prior to working at BART, Johnson spent more than 16 years as an award-winning primetime anchor, investigative reporter/producer, and writer for NBC and ABC affiliates, as well as a radio personality on popular stations in Arizona and France.

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