About the Company:

We believe that tech has the power to create a new reality and at Matdun, we celebrate this possibility. As a leading force in providing intelligent AI driven and computer vision enabled smart living solutions, we are trying to push the envelope with our efforts. We are exploring new frontiers with existing technology and building even newer ones that allow possibility and reality to converge.

At Matdun, innovation is our purpose and our customers are at the very core of what we do. We imagine, we experiment, we achieve. It’s a fascinating world out there and we love engineering tomorrow.Driven by proprietary technology and powered by deep consumer insights, we are revolutionizing the home security market with smart devices made super.

We've developed the first-ever facial recognition door lock with 3D vision.We are looking for advisors who can help us with our go-to-market strategy, scaling, and expanding into new international markets.

AdvisoryCloud made it possible for me to advise others just starting out, while supporting my goal of a flexible lifestyle that allows time for my other interests and activities.

Ed Addison

CEO, Cloud Pharmaceuticals - Placed with Smart Serve

AdvisoryCloud has exceeded my expectations! They are professional, passionate and deliver their promise. I now proudly serve on the board of SmartServe... with an amazing and diverse group of leaders.

Leslie Sarkesian

Advisor - Placed with SmartServe

I have been successfully matched by AdvisoryCloud with two companies that would never have been on my radar. AdvisoryCloud is a great place to showcase my unique skills among hundreds of organizations who need what I share.

Michael Harris


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